– canoe made by hollowing out a log


I eavesdropped on them the other day. I hope they keep their promise. I do love a good surprise…I mean…it is my special day after all.

So I turned up at the beach sheds at 7.30pm just as they asked.

“It’s the one with the door off its hinge,” they said.

The salt had chipped the paint off the door. It looked liked my eczema at the peak of winter.

I opened the door to what looked like a…a dugout? Have I entered a Hawaiian wood worker’s workshop…and what is that familiar smell? Smells like…

“Surprise!!” Holy crap! I nearly shat myself!

“Oh, you guys!” The twinkling fairy lights highlighted the bowls of spaghetti carbonara laid out on half-finished canoes.

“Spaghetti Sunday!!”