Eternal Footsteps

Feel the leaves dampen your toes. The mist sticks to your skin binding you to the forest. You feel alive.

Beetles scurry over your feet in search of a safe place to settle in to slumber. Their tiny legs tickle you.

Goosebumps rise like newly formed islands on your moist skin. The dewy summer’s evening soothes you. It’s cool and refreshing.

You look up. The moon is full. Single beams of ethereal light caress branches, illuminating the powerful giant rooted in the earth; holding the forest together, keeping us alive.

There is no path. Your feet effortlessly and faultlessly steer your body through the forest haze, guided by the moonlight.

Owls call to each other. Echoing through the stillness.

You stand still and breathe. The moist air purifies and refreshes your lungs.

You touch the tree. It’s rough, enduring wood feels ancient. You can feel the ebb and flow through each space in the moss-soaked cracked bark. This tree. Wisdom permeates from its heart, encircling creeping branches of sleeping oak leaves, rooting its knowledge in the depths of the underworld where life begins and ends.

You keep walking. The grass licks your skin, nourishing your every step forward. The earth is keeping you alive, eternally revitalizing you.

A nightjar’s song impregnates the eerie stillness. You close your eyes and listen to the sound of nocturnal life.

Tiny wings beat past you, fluttering towards the moon.

Keep walking. Keep breathing. Follow the moonlight. Many more have been called to the forest. Thousands walked before you. Centuries of footsteps surround you.

You look at your arms. The supple skin glistens in the light, contouring your rejuvenated muscles. You lie down. You close your eyes. You breathe. You melt in to the ground. You are one with the earth. You feel infinitely insignificant. You smile peacefully. You feel alive. You feel beautiful.

You belong to this magical evening.