The Late Afternoon Café.

Tip-tapping of fingertips on laptop keys. Words frantically appearing on a white screen. Fingers pause and hands fold into chest as she glances at a passing stranger. Inward thoughts consume her and pass from mind, through fingertips onto a blank screen. Words fill the page, little black symbols appear like magic.

A sorcerer’s language.

Words…a physicality of the human mind. A movement of the hand and curvature of lines can express emotions, ideas, thought…it can aid in understanding. A continuation of history. An expansion of knowledge. A remarkable human invention. Linguistically and illogically conceivable.

Noise. Frequency and pitch and tone. Rhythm. An exhalation of air and vibrations of the throat. Placement of tongue in mouth and pressure of tongue on teeth. A careful formulation. A dance of muscles, flowing effortlessly in a space the size of an orange.

Our mind has expanded with communication. What was before language? Was there thought but without the accessibility to communicate and left inside as a knowing?

In absence of thought, doesn’t observation exist solely? An intricate understanding of all things. A pure knowing.

We notice. Without thought, we breathe deeply. We feel the warmth of our bodies, the tension in our muscles, the weight of sound around us.

In the absence of thought, surely we are capable of anything. Listening to our bodies, allowing energy to pass through us.